Montana Youth Soccer upholds the highest standards for participant safety by ensuring all adults engaged in MYSA registered and affiliated programs comply with the most rigorous standards for background checks and abuse training.

We do this not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the right thing to do. Abuse prevention is now an integral part of our roles as youth soccer administrators, coaches, referees, volunteers and parents.

We understand these new requirements will necessitate additional steps for all involved, but our kids are worth the effort. Abuse in youth sports is more prevalent than most of us think – and it can happen in any town. We all need to “go the extra mile” to ensure our kids can enjoy the game in a healthy and non-threatening environment.

Therefore, every adult who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to children must complete the following through GotSport:

  • A comprehensive background check and screening process; and
  • A certified abuse prevention training course and an annual refresher course.

More information may be found on the Montana Youth Soccer website.

The Montana Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy sets the standard for all Member Clubs. The policy is posted and available on the Montana Youth Soccer Association's website and will be kept current as required.


(All personnel listed below will be contacted in the event of physical or sexual abuse)

Reports can be made anonymously.

Local Law Enforcement: (406) 433-2210
Local Child Protective Services: (406) 433-1903
Child & Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (Montana DPHHS)
Club Risk Manager Contact Information: Jen Dore, 406-480-5908